Founded in 1978 by the Luxembourg steel industry under the name Laborlux, Luxcontrol started its activities in the domain of chemical analysis and testing.

From this local analytical laboratory and control organization, Luxcontrol developed into an international supplier for control and survey.


In 1992 TÜV Rheinland acquired 56% of the Luxcontrol shares, additional shareholders are ArcelorMittal and the SNCI (Société Nationale de Crédit à l’Investissement), and the name of Laborlux changed to Luxcontrol.

1988 - Japan
1992 -  USA
2010 - China 

To meet its growing markets, Luxcontrol expanded geographically to the USA, China and Japan.


Today, Luxcontrol employs 200 people and can rely on the support of the international TÜV Rheinland group, one of the worldwide leading professionals in product safety and quality, with nearly 20.000 employees in 65 countries.